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  • Industrial Fluids

    Perkins Products produces a complete line of lubricants, industrial oils and cleaners to assist in the top quality production of metals, metal parts and industrial components. Every product is designed, manufactured and quality controlled by skilled personnel using the most advanced technological equipment available.
    Coolants: Perkool – Emulsion, synthetic and semi-synthetic water-based coolants ideal for clean and efficient machining and grinding.
    Cleaners: Perkleen – Emulsions, detergents, alkalines and specialty cleaners for cleaning parts, machines, floors and more.
    Lubricants: Perlube – Lubricating products for industrial and commercial machinery and equipment.
    Cutting Oils: Perkut – Straight oil fluids for a variety of machining operations on all metals.
    Rust Preventives: Perkote – Rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors designed exclusively for the protection of metals.
    Drawing Fluids: Perdraw – Metalworking fluids for extreme pressure or special performance needs including drawing, forming, stamping, etc.
    Specialty Products: Perchem – Special performance products including solvents, heat treating fluids and special purpose products.

  • Fluid Maintenance

    Sump and System Cleaning: IFS provides full manpower, equipment and experience to clean individual machines or central systems.
    Coolant Maintenance: IFS will be on-site at your facility to perform concentration control, sump level control, fluid testing, reporting and documentation.
    Fluid Recycling: IFS has the equipment and knowledge to recycle your coolant and reduce your waste. IFS process all brands of water soluble products.
    Turnkey Management Programs: IFS will combine the above tasks to create a customized fluid maintenance and management program for your facility. Additional tasks, such as inventory control, EHS consultation, filtration equipment and equipment maintenance, can be also be added to the program. The cost savings benefits of a turnkey management program include reduction in usage and waste water, reduced cost per part, increased health and safety, premium performance from coolant and tooling, lowered inventory costs, cost effective and labor efficient, elimination of distraction for company personnel and meet Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing initiatives.

  • Filtration Products

    Filter Media: IFS provides a complete line of rolled filtration paper to meet the needs of any application. We supply woven and non-woven which allows us to have a wide range of paper such as spunbound polypropylene, polyester, rayon and nylon. Filter media can be ordered from 1”-143” widths and up to 56” OD.
    Filter Bags & Canisters: IFS carries a full line of quality engineered liquid and custom filter bags and canisters. Filter bags can be manufactured from polyester, polypropylene, Nomex or Teflon and can range from 1 to 200 microns. In addition to the standard liquid filter bag, IFS also supplies a variety of pleated filters and canister filters.
    Hydraulic & Pneumatic: IFS offers OEM and aftermarket hydraulic and pneumatic filters to save you money without loss of performance.

  • Filtration Equipment

    Oberlin Pressure Filters: IFS is a certified sales representative for Oberlin Filter Company. Oberlin Pressure Filters can be used in various applications, such as coolant filtration, metal finishing, chemical processing, water treatment and food processing.
    Cecor Sumpcleaners and Filters: Looking for an easy way to filter your coolant and increase your sump life? Have IFS find the perfect Cecor Sumpcleaner for you facility today.

  • Fluid Control

    IFS supplies a full line of accessory products to extend coolant life, lower coolant usage and maintain a clean and safe environment. IFS offers a full line of oil skimmers, belts and coalescors for removal of tramp oil. Additionally, refractometers, pH strips and coolant mixers are used to maintain proper concentrations and pH levels for best performance. IFS offers a complete line of absorbents for emergency spills, containment and everyday spills and cleanliness.

  • Waste Services

    IFS Waste Services is your cost-effective, efficient and safe way to pump, transport and dispose of non-hazardous industrial waste. IFSWS provides sump, system and washer pump-outs, coolant recycling and filtering, sampling and analytical services, oil reclamation and recycling, waste reduction programs, used absorbents and filter media disposal programs, mobile tanks for additional storage capacity and a fully licensed waste water treatment facility. Additionally, IFSWS can arrange to have you hazardous materials packaged, transported and properly disposed of at a licensed facility. Contact IFS Waste Services today at 920.783.6600 for a customized program designed to fit your needs.